Don't Let Me Fall - The Galaxy's Paradox

Volume 1

Which is worse: the want for convenience or greed?


Hi! I'm Dávid. I'm a writer, artist, and comic book enthusiast! I'm also a freelance graphic designer and ESL tutor by trade.

I have what I believe to be a great idea for a new comic, and I'd like to share it! So, share I will.

It's all about a fictional universe where all manner of creatures, entities and beings exist. In the first volume, "GREED", we will get most familiar with the beings called "homonid", which is a scientific word for "human".These homonids live on different planets within their separate galaxies, which were created by celestial dragons. Each galaxy has one presiding dragon which watches over EVERYTHING - even the smallest atom isn't taken for granted. However, everyone is free to live as they choose as the dragons do not interfere with everyday life unless it threatens the galaxy.

Our introductory galaxy is simply called "Homonid" as it is where most homonids live. Now, remember the presiding dragon looks out for everything, however, one threat goes unseen by Umagon, the celestial dragon of our main galaxy.

And this, is the beginning of the end... MUAHAHAHA!!! I'm kidding, it's not that serious. Just universe-ending stuff that's all. 😆

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